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What is ForexRateAPI ?

ForexRateAPI provides a simple to use JSON-based REST API for live and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates in 150+ world currencies.

How accurate is ForexRateAPI data, and where does your data come from ?

Our data is sourced from a wide range of data sources including commercial sources and banks globally.

What is the difference between free and paid subscriptions ?

Our free plan lets you evaluate our offerings with zero commitment without a time limit. Free plans offer very basic API functionality, limited live data, and access to advanced features compared to our paid plans.

Our paid plans feature significantly higher API Request volumes and data refresh rates and include prioritized technical support.

Can I also pay yearly ?

Yes. If you choose annual billing, the total price of your Subscription Plan will be 30% lower than the total amount you would pay with a monthly payment frequency.

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Real-time Foreign Exchange Rates and Currency Conversion API